Welcome to within.

We're so happy you're here.

We realize there are quite a few offerings to explore in this humble digital home of ours, so we thought we'd offer a little more insight on how this all works, what you can expect and what your membership includes!

There are a few different ways for you to practice with us.

1. Weekly on demand practices:

Every week, we release 2 NEW classes that you can practice on your own time. BUT, don't procrastinate!

These 2 classes expire in 7 days to be refreshed with 2 NEW classes every Sunday evening at 8pm EST.


Every week is programmed around a specific theme or focus. Sometimes it's a physical focus, like building up to a peak posture. Other times, we'll explore yogic philosophy in movement. And every now and then, we like to get creative and have vinyasa for dessert and will embody flavors. (* If that sounds weird, trust us, it feels delicious!) 

2. LIVE ZOOM Classes

We offer 3 opportunities to practice with us in real time every week. In the moment coaching and feedback can be a serious catalyst for growth, and also, we really enjoy seeing and knowing the faces of our community.

Sign up here to get the zoom link at least 5 minutes before class. All our live offerings are included with the

WITHIN + LIVE Membership or offered for $5 a la carte otherwise.

3. Class Library

Not feeling our weekly theme? Can't make a Live ZOOM class? We have a rotating library of favorite past classes, meditations and short form flows for you to get on your mat - anytime, anywhere.


How to connect with us off the mat:

1. Join us for our monthly Happy Hour!

On the first Sunday of each month, we host a free virtual happy hour called Spirits with J&J. Cocktails are welcome and highly encouraged. We use this time to delight in conversation with one another and will often bring in a special guest to lead us through explorations of our vision and goals, nutrition or our relationship to pleasure and intimacy. 


2. You'll get 1 email from us every week.

Every Sunday morning, we'll preview the week's upcoming offerings, share any announcements or challenges that we have coming up, as well as provide a playlist to move to.

Have a question? Feel free to email us back :) 

3. Join our Slack

We created within to be a home for community. We have a members only slack group where you can offer us feedback, ask questions, request that a class be added to the class library, request specific focuses in our live ZOOM classes and most importantly, connect with each other through what we like to call "hallway banter."

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