Beginners guide to Within

Welcome! We're so happy you're here! We know that practicing at home can be hard, so we've created a beginners guide to make your experience with us as easy as possible. 

If you're brand new to yoga we recommend you to head to the Beginner Videos in our library to build your foundation. Take these classes (in order) as many times as you want and need, and then jump into the weekly classes! 

  • 6 Postures You Should Know 1&2

  • Yoga for the Inflexible

  • Alignment Focused Vinyasa (Hips and Heart)

  • 20 Minute Side Body Stretch 

  • Alignment in Twists

  • Santosha

  • Moving with Blocks (this class will teach you how to use blocks, AND expect to be challenged!) 

We highly encourage you to hop into our Community Zoom classes. During these sessions, we can see you and offer you instruction on alignment and recommend modifications if needed. As a beginner yogi, there's so much information to take in, and getting direct feedback specific to you and your body is really helpful! Plus, we want to get to know you! Head to our guide on how to set up for a zoom class to prepare for your first community class :) 

Lastly, we use props A LOT! We highly encourage you to invest in some blocks. We've linked some good ones here. Props are not only a way to give the body more support but can be used to create strength and access sensations that otherwise wouldn't be possible. They're not just for beginners, although they can be extremely helpful if you're new too. We use them to enhance our practice even after years of doing yoga. 


Have questions? Reach out to us on our members-only Facebook page!