First things first: come as you are… no need to make things look perfect. If your house is a mess, who cares?  If there’s noise in the background, don't sweat it. You can put yourself on mute. We understand people have families, kids, pets, jobs etc… While we encourage you to make your space as comfortable and sacred as you can, for your sake, we applaud you for getting on your mat in the first place and you should too. So don't let the status of your home be a reason not to join.


Here are a few tips to make your zoom experience even better. 


  1. Try to place your computer 6-8 feet away from your mat to give us a full view and if possible, be near a wall or couch in case we use the wall as a prop. 

  2. Avoid putting your mat directly in front of a window unless it's night time. Otherwise, it will backlight you and make it hard for us to see. 

  3. Prop your device up on a chair of stool (anything around 2 feet off the floor) and level the screen so it’s parallel with the wall behind it. 

  4. Place your mat so it’s long side is parallel to your computer, to give us the best view of your body. This means you won't be looking directly at your computer, but in yoga, we twist and turn all the time, so you’ll never constantly be facing your computer anyways! The more of your body we can see, the more feedback we’re able to give you. 

  5. If you’re practicing with another person right next to you, place both mats on a 45-degree angle to one side and stagger the mats so one is a foot or two in front of the other. If you don’t have enough space and your mats have to face directly forward, just do your best and we’ll make do!